Alt fashion magazine Issue 10

Alt fashion magazine Issue 10, Autumn '08 is out now. The magazine features an article written by myself on burlesque accompanied by a few of my burlesque images taken by Alan Cox. A double page spread article on where it all began.

Image in Bite Me Issue 20

Bite Me Issue 20 has been out for a while now. There is one of my images featured in the vamp section. Bite Me is a fabulous vampire magazine!

Feature in The Serpent Issue 4

The Serpent Issue 4 is out and has a feature of me spreading from pages 154 to 163. Some nice sexy, fetish and arty images.

Inextremo Feature

I had one of my images featured on the online webzine Inextremo on DeviantArt today. It is a fetish image photographed by Hamish Scott-Brown.

Feature in Alt Fashion Magazine Issue 8 Summer 08

Alt Fashion Magazine (published in Britain) has got a feature of me in their Issue 8 Summer 2008. It is a 4 page spread with 4 full size images and an article written by myself. The article has got the title 'Alternative Fashion Chameleon: From Manga Dom to Sex Kitten'.

Exclusive photoset 7: Manga Dom - Part 1

Dear friends, Exclusive photoset 7: Manga Dom - Part 1 has been emailed to all members of the forum. A fetishy one it is this time! Just check your emails and follow the link. Part 2 coming up soon! Enjoy!

Almost a year ago...

It has been a year and a month since my website first got launched. Within a year, all of you took the time to visit this creation approximately 17300 times... I would like to thank you all for visiting my world... Thank you all so much...

My feature in Twisted Dreams Magazine: Feb 2008

Award winning horror author Andrea Dean Van Scoyoc is the editor of Twisted Dreams Magazine published in the US. The new February 2008 issue has got a 19 page feature with about 25 of my images (pages 79 to 98). Very gothy! The magazine for those whose blood runs a darker shade of red!

Exclusive photoset 6: By the Fireplace

Dear friends, Exclusive photoset 6: By the fireplace has been emailed out to all members of the forum just around Christmas. It's an all time favourite set ;) Check you emails. Follow the link and enjoy!

Red Scream Magazine:Special Edition Obituary Issue

Australian horror publication Red Scream Magazine has got a special edition obituary issue out. The subtitle of that is: Hot women in horror. There is a special on the Whores of Babylon and I am featured on page 45 with a picture and very interesting interview. A must have for the extreme fans of horror!

Exclusive photoset 5: Samara

Dear friends, the fifth exclusive photoset link has been emailed to you. Keeping it in the Halloween spirit this set is different from the previous ones. It is atmospheric and spooky, almost like the stills of a good horror movie! This photoset is also going to be featured in an international horror magazine soon. Follow the link in your emails and enjoy!

Carpe Nocturne Magazine October 2007

Carpe Nocturne magazine is an online publication about the goth, industrial, EBM and all related genres and cultures of the world. I have the luck to be featured in their Goth of the Month section for their October 2007 Issue. There are about 10 images of me plus a little interview and bio.

Exclusive photoset 4: Burlesque Exodus

Dear friends, the forth exclusive photoset link has been email out to you. A sexy burlesqey stroll through a London park. Follow the link and enjoy!

Exclusive photoset 3: Strawberries at Sea

Dear all, time for the third exclusive photoset. Cheesecake and pin up, another bikini sea set... A summer breeze! The link has been emailed to all who are registered on the forum database and have submitted their emails. Enjoy!

Exclusive photoset 2: Hawaiian Bliss

Dear friends, it is time again to treat you to another exclusive photoset... and here it is... Exclusive photoset: Hawaiian Bliss. Something to kick start your summer!The emails with the exclusive photoset link have been emailed to all the people who have signed up to the forum. Enjoy!

Exclusive photoset 1: Cheeky Fuchsia

Dear friends, It might have taken long... please forgive me...but finally... here it is! As promised... Exclusive photoset 1: Cheeky Fuchsia - I wanted to start you off with something funky and colourful... and if you are up for more.... there are many more to come... So if you have signed up to the forum, the exclusive photoset link has been emailed to you. All you have to do is follow the link and enjoy!

M8 magazine April 2007

M8 magazine for April 2007 is out now and there are 2 full page images of me taken by Paul Muir published on pages 49 and 54. There is a 6 page feature for my dear friend and photographer Paul Muir with the title: The Artpunk club babes. In the interview Paul talks about the Muse project the two of us work on and also refers to me as one of his favourite models.

A Whore of Babylon

I have been accepted by the Whores Of Babylon as one of their models. WOB is the top one alternative and gore modelling agency in the UK featuring some of the best 25 alternative models. So you can soon see my portfolio up on their website as well as some exclusive photosets. x x

Book: 'The girl in the mask'

Digital artist and photographer Mol Smith has recently published a book called 'The Girl in the Mask'. There is a double spread feature of me in the book with pictures taken by Mol in me wearing a Venetian mask. The reference is: 'The Girl in the Mask', Volume 1, by Mol Smith, 2007.

Website Launched!

Welcome to the show! The journey to soudesade.com finally begins! Welcome to all the new visitors, spectators and travellers. Please sign up to my forum and send your greetings! I'd appreciate any comments or suggestions on my new site. Enjoy...
Sou de Sade xx

Almost there....

The website is almost ready to get launched soon!!!

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